Fugitive Nazi Leader Endorses Trump Pick For AZ Senate

The Jewish Insider reports:

Andrew Anglin, the neo-Nazi publisher of The Daily Stormer, one of the internet’s most notorious hate sites, announced his endorsement of Blake Masters in an enthusiastic blog post last month, declaring that the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Arizona “is getting better and better.”

“I cannot give a more forceful endorsement, and I demand that anyone in Arizona (who is not some kind of known neo-Nazi or whatever) get in contact with his campaign and see what kind of help he needs,” Anglin wrote in a previously unreported entry, published June 9.

The white nationalist agitator was gleefully responding to a recent viral incident, caught on video, in which Masters violently confronted a 73-year-old Democratic activist and former high school counselor, Peter Jackson, who had appeared at a local GOP event in Arizona’s Pima County wearing an anti-Trump hat and a Black Lives Matter T-shirt.

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Masters, who is bankrolled by homocon billionaire Peter Thiel, last appeared here when he endorsed overturning the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage.

Masters has also expressed support for overturning a landmark ruling on contraception.

As for Anglin, he has been hit with multi-million dollar civil judgements for inciting racist violence, but his whereabouts remain unknown.