FRC: The GOP Is Selling Out Evangelicals On Marriage

Via email from hate group leader Tony Perkins:

Never underestimate the Republican Party’s ability to self-destruct. That’s the one thing years of cultural battles have taught everyone.

Heading into November with the elections on a silver platter, the men and women who rebranded themselves as the forces of anti-wokeness have suddenly gone soft on an issue that should be a political no-brainer: marriage.

After seven years of letting the court take the heat for redefining history’s oldest institution, a surprising number of Republicans are making a fatal mistake — believing they can win back Congress by sounding just as radical as the party set to lose it.

If the GOP’s defectors are making a political calculus, it’s a terrible one. Conservatives who abandon marriage are only endearing themselves to two sets of people: radical Democrats who would never vote for them anyway, and moderates from both parties who wouldn’t make marriage the deciding factor of any vote.

Who they stand to lose, on the other hand, is far more significant this November. Not only do they risk suppressing their evangelical base, but also other Americans who: a) see same-sex marriage as the gateway drug to all of the transgender, LGBT, sex-ed chaos we’re experiencing in society; b) don’t believe an activist court should usurp the democratic process; and; c) disgruntled Democrats who thought the Republican Party would be the counterweight to the Left’s extremism.