FL Cultist Ineligible To Run After “Communists” Rant

The Orlando Sentinel reports:

Fed up with the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, Republican Kristopher Stark, a candidate to represent reconfigured Florida House District 37, sent the Seminole County Supervisor of Elections a request last year to be taken off state voter rolls.

He said he was frustrated President Donald Trump won Florida but somehow lost the White House, which he wrongly believes was “stolen.”

“My vote means nothing. Cancel my registration,” Stark wrote on the Seminole County removal form in January 2021. “You + the system are a joke. Thank you, communists.”

The New York Daily News reports:

Last year, a Republican-led bill aimed at limiting vote-by-mail access included a requirement that anyone who runs for state office be a member of their party for 365 days before a primary election date. Stark did not re-register as a Republican until January 2022. That would make him ineligible for Florida’s Aug. 23 primary.