Donohue: Trudeau Is Guilty Of “Cultural Genocide”

Via press release from the Catholic League:

Pope Francis is in Canada apologizing for Christians who cooperated with Canadian government officials in assimilating Indigenous persons into society.

The most serious charge against them, as outlined on p. 1 of the Introduction to the Report by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, is that of “cultural genocide.”

“Cultural genocide” is defined as the destruction of the “structures and practices” of a particular population; it seeks to eradicate their “political and social institutions.”

On this score, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is carrying out “cultural genocide” against his own people.

Instead of touting the Report, he should spend his time applying the same analysis to his own policies. If he did, he would step down immediately.

Trudeau oversees a society grounded in the Judeo-Christian ethos, one that accepts as truth the teachings of the Ten Commandments and the tenets of Christianity.

Instead of respecting his country’s heritage, he is busy uprooting it, turning Canada into a militantly secular society that prizes the rights of the individual over the common good. As such he is guilty of “cultural genocide.”