DHS Sec Swats Down Prosecuting Terror Recruitment

CBS News has today’s transcript:

MARGARET BRENNAN: Before I let you go, I do want to ask you about what we saw this weekend up in Boston, a white supremacist group called Patriot Front marched through that city. They recently planned events, a riot in Idaho, you’re seeing this far right group the Proud Boys also disrupt events in California. How concerned are you right now about these militias?

SEC. MAYORKAS: Margaret, I have said and this has been echoed by the director of the FBI, that domestic violent extremism is one of the greatest terrorism-related threats that we face in the homeland today. Individuals spurred by ideologies of hate, false narratives personal grievances, to acts of violence, and it is that violence that we respond to, and we seek to of course, prevent. We are in a heightened threat environment–

MARGARET BRENNAN: So should funding and recruitment- should funding and recruitment and membership be considered prosecutable? I mean, you just put it in the context of terrorism. They’re not designated terror groups. How should Americans think of them?

SEC. MAYORKAS: No, it’s- it’s really the acts of violence and the- and the threats that harm individuals where law enforcement becomes involved. We of course protect vigorously individual’s right to express themselves peacefully, the First Amendment rights and that is something that we safeguard, but violence and threats of violence we do not condone.

The clip is cued up.