Dallas Mandates Clear Backpacks For Students [VIDEO]

Dallas’s ABC News affiliate reports:

After hearing from parents, the Dallas Independent School District has decided to make clear backpacks mandatory for its students. On Monday, it was announced that DISD students in the 6th-12th grade will be required to use clear or mesh backpacks starting this school year. According to the district website, the backpacks have to be completely transparent. They cannot be clear-colored and the back of them can’t have a solid color.

The backpack straps can be a solid color. The district plans to hold multiple events to give away free clear backpacks for students that need them. If a student doesn’t have a clear backpack for the first day of school, they’ll be given one that day only. After that, any backpacks that don’t meet the requirements will be taken to the school’s main office and a parent/guardian will have to come pick it up.

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