Consultants Ditch Florida Cultist Over Money Beg Scam

Florida Politics reports:

Consultants for Republican congressional candidate Erick Aguilar have dropped him. Reed + Company confirmed to Florida Politics they have cut ties with the disgraced politician.

“We terminated our agreement with Erick Aguilar over the weekend,” said Lance Watson, the Florida director for Reed + Company. “From the beginning, unfortunately, Erick has not been a candidate willing to run a campaign worthy of being elected to Congress.”

The decision came after WinRed banned Aguilar for sending out fake fundraisers supposedly from prominent Republicans including Gov. Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump, as first reported by POLITICO.

Read the full article. Aguilar, who reportedly raised over $500,000 via the above-cited money begs, has a doctorate in “organizational leadership” from an online college.