CHATTER AWAY: Overnight Open Thread

Deadline reports:

In the days this week before the UK suffered through all-time record temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius — or 104 degrees Fahrenheit — GB News host Bev Turner made light of a meteorologist’s warnings about the coming heatwave in a televised interview that bears a striking resemblance to the much talked-about fictional TV interview in Adam McKay’s Oscar-nominated film Don’t Look Up.

Turner interrupts with, “So John, I want us to be happy about the weather, and I don’t know whether something has happened to meteorologists to make you all a little bit fatalistic and harbingers of doom.” She continues, “All of the broadcasts, particularly on the BBC, every time I’ve turned on, anyone is talking about the weather and they’re saying there’s going to be tons of fatalities. But haven’t we always had hot weather, John?”

Read the full article. GB News aims to be the Fox News of Britain. Its hosts include Nigel Farage and other notorious wingnuts. Watch the clip.