BOOK: Kushner Claims John Kelly “Shoved” Ivanka

The Washington Post reports:

In a forthcoming memoir, Jared Kushner alleges that former president Donald Trump’s second chief of staff, John F. Kelly, was viewed within the White House as a bully with a “Jekyll-and-Hyde” demeanor who once shoved his wife, Ivanka Trump, out of his way after a volatile Oval Office meeting. Kelly denies the allegation.

“One day he had just marched out of a contentious meeting in the Oval Office,” Kushner writes. “Ivanka was walking down the main hallway in the West Wing when she passed him. Unaware of his heated state of mind, she said, ‘Hello, chief.’

“Kelly shoved her out of the way and stormed by. She wasn’t hurt, and didn’t make a big deal about the altercation, but in his rage Kelly had shown his true character.”

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