AZ Elections Officials Quit Over Threats From Cultists

Phoenix’s ABC News affiliate reports:

A growing number of election officials in Arizona are speeding up retirements or changing their careers. Nowhere is the trend more apparent than in Yavapai County, which is solidly Republican. Donald Trump and former U.S. Senator McSally both won the county in 2020.

Yavapai’s top election officials, Recorder Leslie Hoffman and Elections Director Lynn Constabile won’t be around to oversee the count. “The rhetoric and the climate of elections has got really, really hot. We’ve been under a lot of pressure,” Hoffman said.

Hoffman is taking a job that has nothing to do with elections. “The threats I have, the sheriff patrols my house periodically. It’s getting to be a lot and when the job offer came, I took it,” she said.

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