Anti-Abortion Activist Testifies That It’s Not Really An Abortion When A Ten-Year-Old Rape Victim Has One

Mediaite reports:

“Do you think a 10-year-old should choose to carry a baby?” Swalwell asked. “I believe it would probably impact her life and so therefore, it would fall under any exception and would not be an abortion,” Catherine Foster replied.

“Wait,” said Swalwell, who then paused as if to gather his thoughts on the answer. “It would not be an abortion if a 10-year-old – with her parents – made the decision not to have a baby that was the result of rape?”

She answered, “If a 10-year-old became pregnant as a result of rape and it was threatening her life, then that’s not an abortion. So, it would not fall under any abortion restriction in our nation.”

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Foster last appeared on JMG in May 2022 when she made the deranged claim that Washington DC’s electricity is fueled by the incineration of fetuses.