“Aliens Walk Among Us” Man Gives $10M To DeSantis

The Hill reports:

Space entrepreneur Robert Bigelow donated $10 million to the reelection campaign of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday, according to the Friends of Ron DeSantis committee.

Bigelow, the founder of Budget Suites of America, has also invested in other projects including Bigelow Aerospace and National Institute for Discovery Science.

The entrepreneur garnered attention after telling a “60 Minutes” host that he was “absolutely convinced” after she asked if he believed in aliens. Bigelow told the show that he believes aliens are “right under people’s noses” on Earth.

The Tallahassee Democrat reports:

Bigelow has funded a variety of other eclectic pursuits. He established nearly $1 million in prizes for research offering the best evidence of consciousness after death.

He also founded an institute to study the paranormal and purchased the 480-acre Skinwalker Ranch to investigate reports of paranormal activity on the property.

Before Bigelow’s contribution, the largest individual contributor to DeSantis was billionaire Ken Griffin, who gave $5 million. Some of the biggest donors in conservative politics, including at least 42 billionaires, have contributed to his campaign.

Bigelow claims to have communicated with his late wife and other dead relatives through the use of “mediums.”