Trump-Backed Senate Candidate: Overturn Obergefell

The Daily Beast reports:

Republican senatorial candidate Blake Masters enjoys the financial and political support of his longtime friend, mentor, and billionaire business partner Peter Thiel, who is gay. But Masters, who attended Thiel’s wedding, also apparently believes Thiel’s marriage should be illegal.

“It’s not just Disney, you know—‘follow your heart,’” Masters said at a campaign event earlier this year. “It has a point.” That “point,” he said, is making children. And since there’s no procreation within same-sex marriages, Masters reasoned, those unions don’t have a point—and therefore should be banned.

“The Supreme Court should not be deciding gay marriage. If this country wanted to legalize gay marriage or recognize it, what you would do is you would have a Constitutional amendment. It’s supposed to be hard. It’s supposed to be hard for a reason,” he said.

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