Staver: Send Money To Stop Biden On Ex-Gay Torture

Via email from hate group leader Mat Staver:

Joe Biden issued an executive order this week to, in his words, “Prevent so-called ‘conversion therapy’ with a historic initiative to protect children from the harmful practice.” Biden is either clueless, a liar or both.

We are well acquainted with his derisive term “conversion therapy,” which is not a counseling term, nor is such therapy practiced by licensed counselors.

Counselors don’t “convert” people. Counselors are like a GPS device with which the driver, or in this case the client, sets the objective and the destination.

We have led the nation in fighting unconstitutional laws that ban clients from receiving and counselors from providing counsel regarding unwanted same-sex attractions, behaviors or gender confusion.

The client has the right of self-autonomy. This is NOT the role of government.

We will not allow Biden to harm people or censor clients and counselors with his agenda.

We are ready to fight and WIN. Would you send a special gift today to help us confront Biden’s lunacy and protect young people like Jaden?

Our Challenge Grant will DOUBLE your gift’s impact. And you can also make a recurring donation to support our work.

Please pray for our youth. They are being targeted on almost every front.