“Pro-Life Spider-Man” Scales 50-Story OK Skyscraper

Oklahoma City’s ABC News affiliate reports:

Police took a person into custody after climbing the side of the Devon Tower on Tuesday. The person reached the top of the Devon Tower around 9:40 a.m. and got to a platform on the roof of Oklahoma’s tallest building. Police then took the person into custody.

The person who climbed the 50-story tower posted stories to his Instagram account during the situation. The account identified him as Maison Des Champs, and his page describes himself as the “Pro-Life Spider-Man.”

The posts say they climb buildings to raise awareness for pro-life issues. A drone followed him up, and police said officers took the drone operator into custody.

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As you can see in the final clip below, last month he pulled the same stunt at San Francisco’s Salesforce tower. The clip before that is from his GoPro camera today.