Hannity: Be Grateful The Mega-Wealthy Buy Yachts

Media Matters has the transcript:

Biden goes out and says, well, if you’re going out and you’re buying a yacht, it doesn’t help the economy a whole lot. And I’m like, Yes, it does.

You want to know why? Because it takes a lot of people to build those multimillion-dollar yachts that the rich and famous hang out in all the time.

And you know what that means for them? That’s food on their table. That’s their mortgage or rent being paid. That is their vacations being paid for, maybe their kid’s schools being paid for. And so it does a hell of a lot for the economy.

Except if you buy into this mindset that you’re supposed to hate people with money. I never got hired one time by a poor person.

I got hired by people that could afford to pay me because that’s all hard, backbreaking work. And I was grateful to make the money so I could pay my rent.