Carl Paladino Calls Blacks “Dumb” And Brainwashed

CNN reports:

New York Republican congressional candidate Carl Paladino told a radio host in late 2016 that Black Americans were kept “dumb and hungry” so they could be conditioned to only vote for the Democratic Party, saying, “You can’t teach them differently.”

In a statement to CNN, Paladino said CNN had taken his words out of context. “It is not surprising that CNN is once again taking my comments out of context from years ago. Democrats policies have failed black voters and taken them for granted which is why Republicans have a historic opportunity to win huge this November,” Paladino said.

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Paladino earned national headlines early this month when unearthed audio showed him effusively praising Hitler’s leadership.

Days later he denied and then later admitted posting a statement that called recent mass shootings “false flags.”

Longtime JMG readers will recall Paladino for his viciously anti-LGBTQ statements during his failed 2010 run for New York governor.

In a 2010 interview with an upstate newspaper, Paladino called Michelle Obama a male gorilla who should be “released to live in a cave in the outback of Zimbabwe.”

In the same interview he suggested that President Obama might die of mad cow disease because he’d been having sex with cows.

Around the same time Paladino was exposed for forwarding racist cartoons that included depictions of bestiality.

Paladino was Trump’s 2016 New York state campaign chairman. He is endorsed by Rep. Elise Stefanik, who has stood by him even after the Hitler revelations.