Trump’s Defense Secretary: I Stopped Stephen Miller’s “Ridiculous” Plan To Send 250K Troops To The Border

CBS News reports:

Former Defense Secretary Mark Esper says he personally killed a “ridiculous” plan from White House adviser Stephen Miller to deploy 250,000 troops to the southern border as a migrant caravan approached. Esper, who writes about the moment in his upcoming book, “A Sacred Oath,” says he initially thought Miller was joking when he asked for the troops while waiting in the Oval Office.

“I told this story to General Milley and my chief of staff,” Esper says. “I said, ‘Let’s be safe. Let’s just check and make sure that this isn’t being worked somewhere in the building.’ And Milley comes back days later and the door opens up and he’s waving a document that’s in his hand.” Esper still laughs at the idea. “I mean, again, we don’t have 250,000 troops to send to the border. And to do what? It’s just ridiculous.”

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