Threats Spur CO Election Officials To Buy Body Armor

ABC News reports:

When Josh Zygielbaum left the Marine Corps more than ten years ago, he thought he would never have to wear body armor again. But now Zygielbaum is back to wearing a bulletproof vest as a Colorado county clerk — one of the many extreme measures he says he’s been forced to take as the state has emerged as a battleground in the shadowy world of election conspiracies.

Election officials and poll workers in several counties have donned bulletproof vests and undergone active shooter training. Zygielbaum and other officials pointed to Tina Peters [photo], an embattled county clerk in Mesa County, accusing her of being one of the leading figures fueling the false and baseless conspiracy theories that have put Colorado in the spotlight.

Read the full article. Peters, an acolyte of Mike Lindell, has been indicted on 11 counts of election tampering.