The Federalist: If Teachers Can’t Have Guns, The Only Answer Is For Parents To Homeschool Their Children

Jordan Byrd writes for the far-right Federalist:

Schools should be a safe place for children to learn, but saying “guns have no place here” only stops good people with kids’ best interests in mind from being able to protect them.

At home, parents don’t have to worry about jumping through bureaucratic hoops to shield their kids from a bullet, the trauma of seeing their classmates slaughtered, or even terrifying shooting drills. They live and teach in a controlled environment where guns can be safely carried for self-defense or locked away when not in use.

You can’t protect your kids from everything. There’s no telling when a crazy gunman might open fire in a movie theater or a grocery store. You can, however, do your best to prevent them from being sitting ducks at frequently targeted locations such as schools by keeping them by your side.

Read the full column. You may recall Boyd from her appearances on Newsmax and OAN.