Students At Texas Elementary’s Career Day Shown Photos Of The “Liberal’s Guide To The Deadly AR-15”

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports:

Photos of an AR-15 style rifle, the type of gun used during Tuesday’s mass school shooting in Uvalde, were reportedly shown at a Fort Worth elementary school on Wednesday during what was supposed to be a career day presentation.

According to a Fort Worth schools employee, a Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office deputy presented during a career day event on Wednesday morning at E.M. Daggett Elementary School. The presentation appeared to include pictures of AR-15 rifles, according to a photo shared with the Star-Telegram.

In the photo, an image of a poster titled “A Liberal’s Guide to the Deadly AR-15” is highlighted on Google Images. The poster describes the different components of the rifle. Also seen in the photo is a tab open to the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office’s website.

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The sheriff of Tarrant County, you may recall, sparked outrage in 2019 when he called undocumented migrants “drunks who will run over your children” during a press event at the Trump White House.