Red-Caped Catholic Loons Demand Boston Deny Flag Of Satanic Temple: “A Grave Spiritual Danger To The City”

Via press release from the red-caped Catholic loons:

Satanists are trying to fly a Satanic flag over the Boston City Hall to celebrate “Satanic Appreciation Week.” After the Boston City Council refused to allow a Satanic invocation, the Satanic Temple has continued to plague the city to promote Satanic ideology.

Often, the Satanic Temple’s flags contain a goat skull, or other dark symbols of death and decay .

There is no room for Satanism in public. After giving way to a devil group, who is to keep out other hate groups from flying their colors, like Nazis or Anarchists?

Worst of all, flying a Satanic flag would constitute a grave spiritual danger for the city, will break society’s horror for the devil, and will be a serious mockery to God.

Please sign our petition to the City of Boston, urging it to stand strong in its rejection of Satanism.