QAnon US House Nominee Who Painted His Lawn With QAnon Meme Claims That He Doesn’t Support QAnon

CNN reports:

J.R. Majewski, the Air Force veteran who won the GOP primary for Ohio’s new 9th Congressional District, was a January 6 rally participant and has repeatedly shared pro-QAnon material — including a video showing him painting his lawn to say Trump 2020 with “Q” replacing the zeros.

In April 2021, Majewski denied supporting QAnon in an interview with the Toledo Blade, saying, “I’ve never read any QAnon drop — what they call the ‘Q-Drop.” A “Q-drop” refers to messages posted by the anonymous “Q” who originally fed the conspiracy theory.

Despite claiming not to follow Q’s updates, Majewski engaged with QAnon hashtags, memes and rhetoric frequently online prior to this interview. On his now-deleted personal Twitter account, Majewski tweeted the QAnon hashtag #WWG1WGA — which stands for “Where we go one, we go all” — more than 50 times.

Read the full article. His rap video is the last clip below.