OAN CEO Urges Viewers To Pressure Cable Providers

Media Matters reports:

One America News Network recently interviewed its founder and owner, Robert Herring, wherein he made desperate plays to ideologically link OAN to popular conservative figures and goad the audience into contacting cable providers to pick up the network.

Herring’s interview — which has aired at least seven times as of Friday morning — covered a wide variety of topics.

Herring specifically asked viewers to “call Charter” and ask it to carry OAN. Ever since DirecTV dropped OAN, which reportedly previously supplied 90% of its revenue, OAN has been desperate to make up those losses.

Read the full article. At the link, you’ll see that Herring praises Tucker Carlson and Elon Musk, defends OAN’s promotion of horse paste, and claims that Dominion’s $1.6 billion defamation suit is “fun.” Oh, and he also says that Trump consulted him on Ukraine.