National Review: Issue Abortion Ruling “Immediately”

From the editors of the right wing National Review:

If the leaked opinion truly reflects the majority decision, that decision — as refined to this point — should be issued immediately as such. Publication would avoid the scandalous appearance that the Court’s rulings could be swayed by leaks and political pressure. Justices who plan to dissent could still do so at their leisure.

In the meantime, Congress and the executive branch should stand ready to use their resources to do what the Court is institutionally incapable of doing: conduct full-blown investigations to identify and hold any leakers accountable.

We have championed the pro-life movement and called for the reversal of the Roe abomination for nearly a half century. We would take a backseat to no one in celebrating the monstrous abortion regime’s demise. But the Supreme Court’s restoration of constitutional order ought to accompany a restoration of the Court’s norms. The leak is intolerable and cannot go unpunished. And Roe should not stay on the books a moment longer.

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