Mastriano’s Wife: If You Oppose Him, You Oppose God

The Washington Post today published a deep dive into the creepy Christian nationalism driving Pennsylvania’s leading Republican/QAnon candidates. An excerpt:

“The forces of darkness are hitting us really hard right now,” [gubernatorial candidate Doug] Mastriano told a few hundred people last month at a church parking lot rally in Pennsburg. “We’re going to bring the state back to righteousness, this is our day, our hour to take our state back and renew the blessings of America.”

His wife, Rebbie, then told the crowd that her husband’s opponents are not just challenging another candidate but God. “When you’re against God’s plan, there is nothing that will stop it, and they are very worried right now that there is nothing that’s going to stop this.”

Other speakers emphasized to the crowd, which included a man in a Minuteman costume holding a flag, that this Christian vision is what the Founders intended. “The Constitution prevents the government from imposing on the church. It doesn’t say anything about religion imposing itself on the state,” Rick Crump, a Christian branding expert and community organizer, told the rally.

Read the full article. There’s much more.