Leading PA Gov Candidate Does Interview On Gab

Media Matters reports:

Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate and state Sen. Doug Mastriano did an interview with Andrew Torba, the CEO of the social media platform Gab, which is known as a haven for white nationalists. During the interview, Torba and Mastriano, who is a front-runner in the Republican gubernatorial primary, praised each other, with Mastriano saying, “Thank God for what you’ve done.”

Founded in 2016, Gab is known for giving a platform to numerous white nationalist figures. The platform has also sponsored events by white nationalist Nick Fuentes’ group and white nationalist outlet VDare. Torba has regularly pushed Fuentes’ content, lauded the Capitol insurrection as it was happening, and urged the insurrectionists to storm the U.S. Senate. He also promoted a call for Trump to declare martial law and overturn the 2020 election

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