Lara Trump Blames School Shootings On Lack Of Jesus

“It’s a horrific situation, but yes, they always jump to gun control. But 50 years ago, we had much more lax gun laws than we have now. We had actually more guns per family than we do now per household. And so what changed? Why all of a sudden, Sean, in the past couple decades have we seen a rise in this? And you have to ask yourself that, that’s what any rational person would do.

“And you look across the board at things like the fact that, you know, we have the dissolution of the family in so many respects. We have fatherless children on the rise in America. We have the loss of religion in so many aspects of our country, where it was a foundation of our country at one time. You can’t discount the rise of social media and the role that that has played in things like this.” – Lara Trump.