Kirk Cameron: Public Schools Are “Public Enemy #1”

Wonkette has the transcript:

Since the pandemic we’ve been made grossly aware of the inaccurate and the immoral things things that the public school system has been teaching our children and our grandchildren, and it’s up to us as parents to cultivate the hearts and minds and souls of our children. Toward what is good toward what is right, beautiful and true. And the public school system unfortunately has not been working with us but actively working against us. In my opinion, the public school system has become public enemy number one.

I think you need to see the movie because you may be wondering “What can I do about it? How can I be part of the solution? “The Homeschool Awakening” will give you answers. And I think America needs a film like this, right now. We need to take back the education of our children because whoever controls the textbooks controls the future. Whoever’s shaping the hearts and minds and souls of our children will determine whether or not we live in a free country and we have freedom of speech.

Read their takedown of his rant.