Hershel Walker’s Homocon Son: Pro-Choice Women “Don’t Need To Worry About Abortions,” They’re All Fat

“If you’re gonna get an abortion, you do have to get banged. So all of the blue-haired pro-choice protesters don’t need to worry much about abortions. I’m sorry, I just had to say that.

“It’s easy to give something up when you don’t have it. It’s easy to give up shopping when you’re broke, like we all are under Joe Biden.

“So for everyone saying they’re going on a sex strike, were you getting any to begin with, ma’am? Cuz it doesn’t look like it.

“It looks like you’ve been in the drive-thru. Not in the drive up to his house category, more in the ‘I’ll take a ten-piece fried chicken.’

“That’s where it looks like you’ve been.” – Christian Walker, son of Georgia US Senate candidate Hershel Walker.

Christian Walker has over 250,000 followers on Twitter and nearly 500,000 on Instagram.