GOP Senator Rips “Embarrassing” Indictment “Hanging Over The Head” Of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

The Texas Tribune reports:

Attorney General Ken Paxton has faced a slew of controversies in the past few years, including an FBI investigation into allegations he abused his office to help a wealthy donor, a 7-year-old felony securities fraud indictment, a lawsuit from the state bar challenging his ethics as a practicing attorney for suing to block the 2020 election results, and accusations he cheated on his wife. Paxton has denied criminal wrongdoing.

“I will tell you that I remain very disturbed by the fact that the incumbent has had an indictment hanging over his head, for now, I don’t know, what has it been, six years? This is the chief law enforcement officer of the state of Texas. And it’s a source of embarrassment to me that that has been unresolved,” Sen. John Cornyn said on a Thursday call with reporters.  Cornyn has not endorsed in the primary.

Read the full article. Next week Paxton faces a runoff against Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush as he failed to get over 50% of the votes in the March primary. Loony Louis Gohmert finished third in the race and will leave Congress in January.