Gab CEO Is Very Worried Trump’s Been “Compromised”

From far-right Christianist and Gab CEO Andrew Torba:

In 2000 Mules we learn that PA was one of the worst in terms of rigging. So why is it that Trump endorsed a World Economic Forum dual citizen globalist Hollywood doctor instead of @KathyBarnetteForSenate who has a track record of fighting for election integrity?

She sued Montgomery County for illegally alerting voters of ballot errors. Secondly: why has Trump not endorsed @Doug4Gov one of the single biggest champions in the fight for election integrity. Is Trump on our side or has he been compromised?

Commenters on Torba’s post are calling Trump a sellout to “vaccine overlords” and a “fraud who surrounded himself and his entire administration with deep state players.” One posted a photo of Trump wearing a yarmulke alongside a meme calling him a “Judas goat.”