Fox News Host Begs Trump To Stop 2020 Election Lies

STUART VARNEY: Well, what I hear from a lot of Republicans is that they don’t want you to look back to the 2020 election as rehash it. They want to look forward to what we’re going to do with this economy and this society going forward. What do you say to that?

TRUMP: Well, I do that. But if you don’t study what happened and if you don’t find out — we know what happened. All you have to do is see 2,000 Mules or go on Truth. Take a look at Truth. You should someday talk about Truth as a business thing. It’s hot as a pistol, Truth Social.

VARNEY: That’s not what people are talking about. People — people don’t want you to do that.

TRUMP: No, I think — I think that you have to look back to find out — you have to look at history, Stuart. If you don’t look at history, you’re going to be lost. It’s going to happen again. You can’t let it happen again. You have to study.

VARNEY: I’m getting the sense that the voters just don’t want to go back to a chaotic situation or a toxic situation or a really — you know, a negative situation. They want to be positive. They want to look forward to the future and be positive.

TRUMP: Well, I understand that, Stuart. So, somebody robs the jewelry store of all the jewelry, you should just let them be alone, right? Just say, OK, he got away with it. You know, I just — I disagree with that. And a lot of people in the party disagree with that, Stuart.