Fauci Gets Ovation From Michigan College Graduates As Cultist Anti-Vaxxers Scream Abuse At Attendees [Video]

The Michigan Advance reports:

The University of Michigan’s 2020 graduates on Saturday finally received the Big House ceremony they were denied two years ago, with Dr. Anthony Fauci fittingly giving the “comeback” commencement speech for the students whose senior year at the university was upended by COVID-19.

Meanwhile, a caravan of cars and trucks circled Michigan Stadium, emblazoned with messages like, “F-CK FAUCI!”, “Fauci killed my mom,” “arrest Fauci now!” and “Fauci = Dr. Death” while more protesters gathered in front of a stadium gate.

The gathering was organized, in part, by Lena Epstein, a Republican candidate for the University of Michigan Board of Regents. Epstein unsuccessfully ran for Congress in 2018 and regularly espouses conspiracy theories.

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