Elon Musk Issues Public Call “Hardcore” Litigators

The Insider reports:

Elon Musk said he’s building a “hardcore litigation department” at Tesla that will report directly to him.

He tweeted Friday that Tesla is building a team that would “seek victory in a just case against us, even if we will probably win.” He added that the team would “never surrender/settle an unjust case against us, even if we will probably lose.”

An Insider investigation published on Thursday found that a SpaceX flight attendant was paid for her silence as she accused the tech mogul of exposing his erect penis, touching her leg, and offering to give her a horse in exchange for a sexual favor in late 2016.

Electrek reports:

The timing of the announcement is strange as it comes a day after an allegation of sexual misconduct came out against Musk that involved a reported settlement between the alleged victim and SpaceX over the situation. However, Musk is specifically talking about Tesla’s legal department.

Tesla already has an extensive legal department, including litigation lawyers, but it also works with outside firms in bigger cases.

The company is always embroiled in many different cases before the courts, but it has been involved lately in some more high-profile cases, including a lawsuit over allegations of racial discrimination that resulted in a $137 million award that was later slashed to $15 million.