Christian Post: Boycott Disney’s Satanic Film “Lightyear”

From Christian Post columnist Larry Tomczak:

Parents and pastors, beware! The eagerly anticipated Disney “Toy Story” spinoff debuting in theaters this June centers on kid-favorite Buzz Lightyear and his new space partner, Alicia, a lovable lesbian who “marries” her queer partner and greets her with a kiss on the lips as they start their family.

Satan’s servants use euphemisms to try and airbrush evil away as they subtly and seductively suggest that the LGBTQ lifestyle is “harmless.” Satan, “the father of lies,” wants to reach children from the earliest age to start planting suggestive thoughts that can lead them on a pathway to ruin.

I personally believe the Disney corporation is experiencing the judgment of God for what they’re allowing and promoting in terms of perversion. They lost their special status in Florida which will cost them tens of millions every year.

Read the full column. If Tomczak’s name rings a bell, that’s because he became a national laughingstock back in 2015 when he accused Ellen DeGeneres of luring young girls into lesbianism. Below is Ellen’s response.