Anti-Vax Woman Is “Struggling With Severe COVID”

“I want to thank you for appreciating that I can’t have my camera on tonight. I’ve been struggling with COVID pretty severely lately and I’m just not suitable for cameras. So thank you so much for just letting me speak and then I’ll hand things off to Leo.” – Michele Bachmann, speaking this weekend on a Christian “prayer call” conducted over Zoom.

In September 2020, Bachmann declared that COVID is God’s judgment on America for its treatment of Israel.

In July 2021, Bachmann urged Fox News viewers to buy “No Trespassing” signs because, she claimed, government vaccine outreach workers were going door-to-door to collect information about vaccine refusers that would be then placed in a “massive database connected to your finances.”

In October 2021, Bachmann declared vaccine mandates to be against the bible and claimed that workplace mandates are “the same as murder.”

Also last October, Bachmann called for “parallel medical institutions” that would counter “monstrous” COVID policies made by the CDC and the FDA.

In November 2021, Bachmann called on parents to refuse to vaccinate their children against COVID.

In January 2022, Bachmann praised Sarah Palin for dining out in public shortly after testing positive for COVID.