Alex Jones Suggests Texas Massacre Was False Flag

Media Matters has the transcript:

CALLER: You know, something that somebody’s not bringing up is the fact that the NRA is having their annual convention in Houston this weekend with a lot of Republican, Texas Republicans are going to be there. You don’t think this was done to demonize the Texas Republicans and the NRA?

ALEX JONES (INFOWARS HOST): It’s very suspicious timing.

CALLER: And that gear that guy had, from what I understand, being interested in guns myself, that he had something like $3,500 worth of gear there. Maybe more, depending on the quality of the guns.

JONES: How did he get all that money working at Wendy’s?

CALLER: Yeah. And did he disappear at any time? Was he off somewhere where a communist cell was training him to get him ready for this? I mean, hell, he might have been crazy, but he might have been a diehard legal, you know, fanatic.

CALLER: That’s the only thing is that I like to hope that the police are going to do a thorough investigation but with what happened in the Las Vegas where they swept everything under the carpet, you never know, you know?

JONES: Oh, I mean, everybody should be able to question this because there’s been so many false flags, so many provocateured operations.