US Weighs Possibility Of Russia Invading Moldova

Politico reports:

U.S. and Ukrainian officials on Sunday discussed the possibility of Russian President Vladimir Putin expanding his invasion from the Donbas region of southeastern Ukraine into the neighboring nation of Moldova — another former Soviet state and non-NATO member in Eastern Europe.

Transdniestria, or Transnistria, is a pro-Russia breakaway region of Moldova, which borders Ukraine to the southwest. Moldova, like Ukraine, was part of the Soviet Union until Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev dissolved the sprawling communist state in 1991.

In an address last Friday, Zelenskyy repeated his warning that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “was intended only as a beginning,” and that Putin then intends “to capture other countries.”

Read the full article. Moldova, population 2.6 million, is roughly the same size as Maryland.