Tucker Carlson: Why Aren’t Men “Thrashing” Teachers?

Media Matters has the transcript:

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): I don’t understand where the men are. Like where are the dads? You know, some teacher’s pushing sex values on your third grader why don’t you go in and thrash the teacher? Like this is an agent of the government pushing someone else’s values on your kid about sex, like where’s the pushback?

The Daily Beast reports:

Carlson has made comments like this before. Last month, while defending Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill—which is now law—the Fox News host said that teachers who discuss gender identity with students “should be arrested” and “beaten up.”

The legislation’s passage came as many on the right have charged, deceptively, that it’s necessary to prevent “grooming” kids.

In response to Carlson, Vance criticized the “crazy lunatics” he deems responsible for the hypothetical scenario the Fox News host described. “I mean I agree with you [that] there should be a ton of pushback. I’m the father of three young kids and I would get enraged if I found out this was happening at my kids’ school,” Vance said.