Tucker Carlson Promotes “Testicle Tanning” To Restore The “Total Collapse Of Testosterone In American Men”

The Daily Beast reports:

Tucker Carlson and good pal Kid Rock had another friendly conversation on Fox News on Friday, with one topic of discussion being “testicle tanning.”

The subject had been raised earlier in Carlson’s show by Andrew McGovern, an Ohio-based fitness professional who was brought on to help answer Carlson’s question, “How do you reverse the effects of falling testosterone?” One of the solutions McGovern offered was red light therapy, which, when Carlson asked, he said includes “testicle tanning.”

Rock had apparently been listening along, because when Carlson addressed him later, the first thing the musician said was, “Dude, stop! Testicle tanning? Come on.”

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The homoeroticism of the clip is off the charts.