Trump Spox Calls For Mass Arrests In QAnon Speech

Vice News reports:

Former President Trump’s chief spokeswoman spoke to a QAnon-affiliated conference over the weekend, warning the audience that if the liberals she alleges stole the 2020 election aren’t thrown in jail, they’ll come after Trump supporters instead.

“You think it’s gonna be better next time?” she said. “You really think if there’s no arrests made from 2020, if there’s no real exposing of it and getting these people and holding them accountable, you really think they won’t do it again?”

When VICE News asked who specifically she meant should be arrested, Harrington didn’t name names but linked to two videos she claimed showed people stuffing ballot boxes with fraudulent votes. She didn’t reply to questions about whether she knew that the conference’s organizers were QAnon adherents before she agreed to speak there.

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