Trump Judge Lets Convicted Rioter Possess Firearms

Politico reports:

A judge has restored a Texas woman’s right to possess firearms just weeks after she was sentenced for illegally entering the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. U.S. District Court Judge Trevor McFadden issued an order on Thursday granting florist Jenny Cudd’s request to lift a term of her probation that forbade her to own or possess any “firearm, ammunition, destructive device, or dangerous weapon.”

The judge’s ruling was a rebuke to prosecutors, who opposed the change, and it was the latest setback for prosecutors dealt by McFadden, who was appointed by former President Donald Trump. In his two-page ruling on Thursday, McFadden noted that Cudd wore a “bulletproof sweatshirt” to the Jan. 6 rally, but he credited her explanation that she wore the defensive garment because she feared violence, not because she was seeking it.

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Cudd claims she needs a gun due to threats following widespread publicity about her conviction.

Earlier this week McFadden issued the first acquittal of an accused rioter, buying his claim that he was welcomed into the Capitol by police.

The DOJ notes this Facebook post by Cudd: “Fuck yes I’m proud of my actions. I fucking charged the Capitol with patriots today. Hell yes I’m proud of my actions.”

Last year Cudd demanded a Texas trial, claiming that Washington DC is too liberal for her to get a fair hearing.

That demand became moot in October when she became the 100th rioter to plead guilty.