Trump Fan: Only Vote For Those With “Biblical Values”

Posted to Franklin Graham’s Facebook page:

Fox News asked me about the midterm elections and what I think is important for our country. Freedom of speech and freedom of religion are under attack and we need to stand up and defend those liberties—or we will lose them.

Our country is in a downward spiral morally, and this impacts everything. I encourage everyone who is concerned about the direction of our nation to vote in the midterm elections—and in all elections.

Every time we watch the news, we are reminded of how important this really is. Your ballot is your voice, and it could help determine outcomes and bring change.

Christians need to pray and vote for the candidates who most closely align with biblical values. Issues like abortion, sexuality, and gender are being politicized like never before, but these are ultimately moral issues that the Bible is clear about.

The only hope for individuals and our nation is God, and it is my prayer we will repent of our sins and turn to Him for the help we need.