Trump Condemns Leading AZ GOP Senate Candidate

The Arizona Independent reports:

On Monday, former President Trump blasted Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, leaving Arizona Republicans wondering just which GOP Senate candidate would finally win his coveted endorsement.

Trump alleged that Brnovich had received “massive information on the fraud and so-called ‘irregularities’” surrounding the 2020 election but “seems to be doing nothing about it.”

Now, even money is on Blake Masters securing the coveted Trump endorsement in Arizona’s GOP Senate race. Masters, like JD Vance, who just won Trump’s endorsement for his run for a Senate seat out of Ohio, is backed by his former employer, Peter Thiel.

Rather notably, Trump posted his full statement on the neo-Nazi/Christianist platform Gab:

Attorney General Brnovich of Arizona was given massive information on the fraud and so-called “irregularities” that took place in the 2020 Presidential Election.

Many people said that he would do nothing about it because that just seems to be the way he is. I felt differently because the numbers and sheer amount of crime committed is so compelling, irrefutable, and determinative—the election result would have been entirely different.

Well, he did a report, and he recites some of the many horrible things that happened in that very dark period of American history but, rather than go after the people that committed these election crimes, it looks like he is just going to “kick the can down the road” and stay in that middle path of non-controversy.

He wants to be politically correct. Because of the amount of time that it took him to do the report, which was endless, his poll numbers have been rapidly sinking. Now, people are upset with the fact that while he states the problem, he seems to be doing nothing about it—he doesn’t give the answers.

What a shame for the Great State of Arizona, and for our Country itself! Because of this election, the USA is “going to hell” with Inflation, Russia attacking Ukraine, the loss of Energy Independence, 5-dollar gasoline, a wide-open Border and, of course, the incompetence with which our pull-out from Afghanistan was handled.

With an honest election, none of these things would have been a problem, they were all self-inflicted wounds. The good news is Arizona has some very good people running for election to the U.S. Senate. I will be making an Endorsement in the not too distant future!