TN GOP Boots Three Trumpers From US House Ballot

The Tennessean reports:

Morgan Ortagus, Baxter Lee and Robby Starbuck were voted off the primary ballot by the party’s executive committee, Tennessee Republican Chairman Scott Golden confirmed Tuesday

Republican officials last week confirmed official challenges had been filed against the three, which triggered a technical removal from the ballot per party bylaws. Ortagus, a former State Department spokesperson who nabbed an early endorsement from former President Donald Trump, called the removal “deeply disappointing.”

“I’m a bonafide Republican by their standards, and frankly, by any metric,” Ortagus said in a statement. “I’m further disappointed that the party insiders at the Tennessee Republican Party do not seem to share my commitment to President Trump’s America First policies.”

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Ortagus recently appeared on JMG when she was unable to name any landmarks in her would-be district, including its major highways.

Cultists wanted Trump to endorse far-right “filmmaker” Robby Starbuck, who has been endorsed by Marjorie Taylor Greene and Madison Cawthorn.

Ortagus first appeared on JMG in July 2021 when she claimed during a Fox News appearance that the Japanese are “committing genocide against the Uyghurs.”

In fact, the Uyghurs are a Muslim minority that lives in China. Many wondered online why a former State Department official would not know this geographic fact.