South Carolina Inmate Chooses Death By Firing Squad

South Carolina’s The State reports:

South Carolina courts gave Richard Moore eight days to decide exactly how he wants to die, and on Friday he made his choice. Moore, who has been on South Carolina’s death row for 21 years, is scheduled for execution on April 29. By state law, the 57-year-old Spartanburg man had to determine which execution method will be responsible for ending his life: the state’s 110-year-old electric chair or a three-man firing squad.

Moore picked the newest option offered by the state, the firing squad. Lethal injection was not an option. In a written statement accompanying his decision, Moore said he did not believe or concede that either method of execution before him was legal or constitutional. In the same statement, Moore said he settled on a death by firing squad because he more strongly opposes death by electrocution.

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Photo: Gov. Henry McMaster.