Shapiro Host: “Lesbians Won’t Exist” In 30 Years

“As much as the left likes to claim that they’re being erased — you’re erasing me — lesbians actually are — the category of lesbian is in fact, in reality, being erased.

“And, if you follow the demographic trends, in another 30, 40 years, they just won’t exist anymore.

“And you look at the younger generations – Gen Z and Millennials – while LBGT identification has skyrocketed and trans identification has skyrocketed, lesbian identification has fallen off the cliff.

“And why is that? It’s because every girl, every woman, who in the past would’ve identified themselves as a lesbian, now they’re being told, that oh no, you’re actually a man.

“You’re not a lesbian, you’re actually a — not only a man, a straight man, it turns out.” – Daily Wire host Matt Walsh.

Walsh recently appeared on JMG when he called from banning adoption by LGBT people. Before that, he appeared here when he called for dissolving the United States.

He also claims that shooting people “is not against the law.” Early this year, Walsh declared that “everybody would be happier” if arranged marriages were mandatory.