REPORT: Anti-LGBT Televangelist Threatened To Kill Himself If Sexual Assault Allegations Became Public

The Chattanooga Times-Free Press reports:

The allegations, from women either employed by or connected to the ministry, included groping, unwanted kissing, showing women he was aroused while fully clothed and rubbing himself, as well as asking women in his ministry about their breasts. Stone said the allegations could not be made public. He told ministry leaders he would kill himself and shut down the ministry.

“I’m going to go commit suicide up in the mountains and end this thing,” Stone said, speaking directly to one of the ministry leaders. “Listen to me, before God, I’m going to go take pills in the mountains because I can’t put up with this. I am a very sincere person but I have almost no friends, man. And I have almost no friends because of s—- like this.”

Stone, in explaining his behavior or attempting to undermine those making accusations against him, claimed an alleged victim had a mental illness and that someone was stealing gold from him, in recorded conversations obtained by the Times Free Press.

Read the full article. There’s much more.

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