Real Estate Moguls Shower Millions On Ron DeSantis

Politico reports:

When real estate investor Moshe Popack wanted to host a political fundraiser for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, he spared no expense. Popack, chair and CEO of YMP Real Estate Management, had DeSantis and a handful of top contributors to his 10,000-square-foot Miami Beach home in February, an event DeSantis’ political committee reported as a $200,000 non-monetary or in-kind contribution from Popack.

Over the past year, DeSantis and his aligned political committee have raised more than $7 million from real estate developers, investors and realtors, making that industry one of the Republican governor’s biggest donor groups as he prepares to run for reelection — and maybe president. Industry profits, and in turn a spike in political contributions, come at a time when housing affordability is reaching crisis levels in the state.

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